Seaglass Bracelet ~ Akoya Pearls ~ Swarovski Crystals ~ Czech Frosted Glass ~ Sea Gems

  • $65.00

This charm style bracelet has been created with genuine locally collected green Seaglass and Akoya sea pearls. Each pearl is paired with a Swarovski crystal and I also added some frosted green Czech glass beads. The closure is a lobster claw clasp and it measures approximately 7 ½” but can be shortened or lengthened if required.

I fell in love with Seaglass about five years ago and fortunately live just a few minutes away from a great NYC beach that has become my main source of these wonderful sea gems. I have literally spent hours and hours walking this beach collecting jewelry quality and craft quality Seaglass. Sadly only about 5% is jewelry quality. White, green and brown are the most common here, however I do find a small amount of seafoam green and blue as well as a few antique china shards. I also buy very special pieces of Seaglass from other areas of the US and the world…rare pieces are sold at gem prices these days. I am a member of the North American Sea Glass Society and as such guarantee that all Seaglass I use is genuine, hand collected, sea tumbled and usually 50+ years old. I never alter my Seaglass by tumbling or grinding and I never use commercially produced faux Seaglass in my creations.