Stuff You Might Want To Know...

Welcome to my online gallery and store. I have been selling through eBay since its beginning, but have lately reached the stage of needing a more flexible format…so…voila! Actually, I wish it were that simple. I am more artistic than tech savvy with very little web experience, so please bear with me while I learn how to use this site. Everything in this gallery store is created by me and I will endeavor to showcase new pieces every day, so please revisit often. All jewelry items can be made with sterling silver or gold upon request, and I am happy to make custom pillows, lamps, totes and purses to fit your most macabre desires. Enjoy…



I have been selling antique and vintage fabric pillows online for many years now…over 70k worth at last count. Antique and vintage textiles from the 1800s through to the 1960s have been my preferred fabrics. However, recently with shows and movies like The Walking Dead and Nightmare Before Christmas, fabric manufacturers have finally ventured into the world of alternative. Skulls, zombies, bats, spiders and so many more fun designs are becoming available. They can be hard to track down and are rarely found in fabric stores, but for those of us with a taste in unusual décor, they are a dream come true. I have created a line of pillows, lamps, and clocks that I hope will give your home that macabre aesthetic I’m sure you’ve been looking for.



My journey with Bone Art began years ago in Australia where a friend and I collected found bones, mostly roadkill, then reassembled them into strange and fabulous creatures. At that time, sadly, most people were turned off by my chosen medium and my creations were not really considered art. Today however, attitudes are changing and I am finding a growing fascination and acceptance for my work. With Recalled to Life my hope is to elevate bone display and jewelry to a place where it is admired and enjoyed rather than shunned.


Note On the Bones I Use

None of the bones used in my items are from endangered or protected species. Many are given to me by friends who spend time hiking and camping and who collect *dead things* for me. Others come from landowning hunters who need to lower predator or pest animals on their land. All the bones I use are thoroughly cleaned, whitened, and sealed.  The large tropical insects I that I use occasionally are farmed, not caught in the wild. The parts of the world where these insects originate are under increasing pressure from growing human populations and pollution; however, the insect farms always release a portion of their crop back into the wild and have become valuable tools in helping maintain these often delicate environments.