Hawaiian Seaglass Necklace ~ Akoya Pearl ~ Hawaii ~ Sea Gems ~ Sterling Silver ~ Skeletal Etiquette

  • $45.00

This necklace has been created with genuine Hawaiian seafoam toned Seaglass. I love using the Seaglass I collect myself locally but I can never resist buying Seaglass from other parts of the world. My local Seaglass is for the most part fairly flat, but these little sea gems are cute and puffy, in the softest seafoam tones. I added an Akoya pearl...the oceans creations go so well together. All other components including the tiny silver beads and chain are sterling silver.

I fell in love with Seaglass about five years ago and fortunately live just a few minutes away from a great NYC beach that has become my main source of these wonderful sea gems. I have literally spent hours and hours walking this beach collecting jewelry quality and craft quality Seaglass. Sadly only about 5% is jewelry quality. White, green and brown are the most common here, however I do find a small amount of seafoam green and blue as well as a few antique china shards. I also buy very special pieces of Seaglass from other areas of the US and the world…rare pieces are sold at gem prices these days. I am a member of the North American Sea Glass Society and as such guarantee that all Seaglass I use is genuine, hand collected, sea tumbled and usually 50+ years old. I never alter my Seaglass by tumbling or grinding and I never use commercially produced faux Seaglass.